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​Spatan Spray Tan

The ultimate spray tanning system can be achieved in only 10 minutes and lasts for days. For best results, we recommend a full body exfoliation ahead of your spray tan.

Essential Grooming

Chose from Eyebrow tint, Eyelash tint, Eyebrow shape (thread, tweeze and tint).

Lash Lift

This ground breaking new technique lifts your own natural lashes to create a wide-eyed, younger look without the use of extensions. We use a silicon shield to lift the eyelashes from the roots, resulting in breath-taking longer looking lashes and wide, sparkly eyes.


Made from naturally curved synthetic material which looks identical to human lashes and are applied to the natural lashes creating the illusion of fuller, thicker and more defined lashes.


Eyebrow Threading has been used for centuries in the East for hair removal. 100% cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the skin while lifting hair from the follicle. Threading is particularly effective on the eyebrows giving a much clearer and defined shape.

Celebrity Brows

Our unique seven-stage brow shaping and definition treatment will leave with you with the ultimate in highly defined, well groomed eyebrows. Whether your brows are overgrown or over plucked, Celebrity Brows can sculpt your brows into the perfect shape for your face and transform the way you look and feel about yourself. Your eyebrows are a vital part of your personality - not only do they frame your face, but over 70% of your facial expressions depend on them!


Our premium nail bar will give you beautifully groomed nails to suit your preferred style. Our nail technicians will get to know exactly what you like and leave you delighted with the end result. We offer a range of services from a basic file and polish, to gel polish and acrylic nail art.


We use the finest wax that delivers a fast removal of even the shortest hairs, leaving you with soft skin with no ingrown hairs or red sore skin.